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Coastal Prairie Outdoors guided duck hunting takes place on the El Campo, Eagle Lake, and Katy Prairies, as well as the Brazos, Colorado, and Navasota River Bottoms. Prairie hunts take place on large bodies of flooded agriculture fields. These locations are from 5 to 50 acres of flooded rice, milo, beans, corn, millet, or prairie grasses that are a great food source for wintering waterfowl. The river bottom hunting consists of natural flats of flooded acorns, pecans, hog pecans, duckweed, widgeon grass, and smart weed.
Prairie hunts normally consist of pintail, teal, widgeon, gadwall, and mottled ducks. It is also not uncommon to harvest divers (blue bill, redhead, ringneck, and canvasbacks) or tree ducks (black bellied and fulvous) as well as geese and sand hill cranes.
River Bottom hunts consist of wood duck, gadwall, widgeon, teal, and the occasional mallard.
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