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The main part of our hunting club is our seasonal members. At the rates of today's day hunts it does not take long for a lease to pay for itself. They play an important role in our existence and all of the funds from memberships are used to lease properties, manage properties, and build blinds. We offer two types of memberships - individual and group memberships.
Coastal Prairie Outdoors individual members have full access to member properties. You simply call or email a reservation the day before you want to hunt telling us if you want to duck or goose hunt and where you would like to go after everyone that is hunting calls in Scott will then group you with other individual members to make a group of 4-6 and assign a hunting location for the next day. Individual members can also bring guest at $75 per person per day (we ask that you don't bring the same guest more than three times during the season). There are no guest privileges on any opening day or weekend of the season.
Group or Company Leases:
Coastal Prairie Outdoors Group leases consist of up to 6 hunters who will coordinate with their group leader when you want to hunt, and then the group leader will call or email in the day before with three choices of where they would like to hunt.  You will then be assigned that location.  Only one of the original members must be present to hunt, so you may have as many as 5 guests.  Group members do not have to hunt with other lease members.

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